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5 thoughts on “About

  1. Katie Joy I came across you picture essay quite by accident but maybe in reality it wasn’t. I believe in karma and fate, but I also believe we can choose to make our own better or worse by the decisions we make in our lives, which we only can have the ability to control or sometimes can’t control through no fault of our own.
    I am sorry but my mind is out of sorts right now. I will continue this as soon as possible
    Sincerely, Lizzie


  2. These are beautiful. Thank you for being able to picture what words can not express.
    I wish there would be a photograph to explain these feelings to those closest to you – your “support system” – who don’t get it….


  3. I really love your work…i comment on blogs as part of my job, and here is my response to a blog that featured your work….”.suffering from these illnesses myself, to me personally, its as if im stuck in a dark forest, tripping and stumbling through it, and i can see a bright peaceful meadow ahead- i reach my hand out and can feel the warmth, but my feet are stuck in some sort of mud and i cant get out of the woods.”- if you could photograph something like that, that would be amazing. great work though…the hourglass one is particularly powerful


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