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I need to say thank you again for the response My Anxious Heart has received! So many people have responded with “I don’t feel alone anymore”. I have to say, you all have let me know that I’m not alone! I’m going through it too and having your support and encouragement has meant the world to me. This week has been absolutely crazy and something I could never predict for my life. I am encouraged to know that the response has been mostly positive and we are living in a time that people are beginning to see, with clarity, the truth of mental illness.


  • I’ve had a lot of people asking about prints so I’m happy to announce that the series is now on Society6!
  • visit here to view the collection: My Anxious Heart prints


  • I am planning to do a limited-edition, gallery quality artist run of My Anxious Heart prints. Each one will be signed and numbered. Until then, I want people to still have access to the prints via Society6.
  • I am also planning to do a small pocket book that will contain all 12 images with the writings. I hope this will be resource for anyone that could use it as a reference or to help others identify what they’re dealing with.
  • The book is in the works and my sister and I are very excited about it! Thank you for all of the encouragement so far! My sister, Hannah, will be doing a guest blog post next week so that you all can get a chance to hear from her. She is such a wonderful light and encouraging soul and she has been my calm in a life of chaos.
  • The outpouring has been so incredible that it has really been on my heart to begin speaking on this topic; using my photographs as an aid. I’m not quite sure where or when this will take place, but it is a goal for the near future.

I hope this has answered any questions! I’m still responding to e-mails, so if you haven’t heard from me yet, I promise, you will soon!

Again, Thank you all so much for the constant love, wisdom, support, and encouragement! I know there is community here. I’m so very thankful for each and every one of you.

-Katie Joy

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6 thoughts on “Prints | Plans for the Future

  1. Encountered your photos via “Upworthy.” You know, guys get depressed too. Hard to relate to lovely women, but do sympathize…


  2. I saw these photos for the first time today on FB. Many thanks for your beautiful work and for sharing your pain with both those who need to know we’re not alone and those who just don’t “get it.” The more of us who step out and talk about it, the less stigmatized we will be. And, hopefully, the easier it will be to get the help we need.


  3. Thank you so much for expressing through your artwork how you actually feel when living daily with the struggle of depression and anxiety!! I believe unless you have lived it. I agree that it us very hard to describe what it feels like,but your artwork and narratives to them puts them in up most correct description!! Thank you so much for doing this!!


  4. Powerful. I wonder how many souls in this tiny moment, don’t recognize that their quiet, deafining battles are not a moral corruption but rather a chance. A prerequisite for naked leadership.
    March on authentic being. What other way is there?😊


  5. I hope the prints and book do very well for you! For two days now I keep going back to look again and again. Some of the photos I understand and feel, some I don’t but that’s ok. We are all different in every aspect, including how we experience anxiety.
    Anxiety for me is PTSD from childhood abuse that affects my ability to cope with life sometimes. Your great work made me wonder what my life would look like in a photo essay like that…


  6. I left you a comment somewhere along the line! Right now it’s PTSD, Anxiety and Major Depressive Disorder. So much: stoned at Woodstock &7years; raped violently in San Francisco; abusive, controlling husband move us 40 times; homeless; left after 18 yrs. Then sweet oldest of 3 boys was killed in a car wreck 6 days later, 40 hospitalations. Hanging on to
    Jesus or l’d be dead.


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